TECNA’s 3664P 14000Amp Automatic Spot Welder from Italy, with “SMART PLUS” technology is a revolution in automotive spot welding equipment. It has sophisticated and upgradable software that is designed to take the guess work out of entering parameters such as metal type, number of panels and panel thickness to perform the correct spot welds. At the push of a button, the machine automatically detects and measures the metal panels and applies the exact amount of welding current, welding time and clamping force to consistently produce factory quality spot welds on steel, HSS, UHSS and Boron without any operator input!

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Key Features

User Interface


TECNA’s key focus on designing the large, high resolution touch screen, was to ensure that the operator can not only access all functions with complete confidence, but to also allow quick and direct data entry via the QWERTY keyboard for user log in, job description and detailed weld reports.

The Smart Gun

24 (640x360)

The TECNA Smart Gun with a built in transformer is compact and versatile. With the aid of the Smart Gun’s weight balancer combined with the near 360degree rotating head, lifting and positioning the gun is effortless. The two stage ‘Clamp only then Weld’ trigger action is designed to put you in control of weld activation.

Water Cooled Welding Arms


The TECNA 14000 AUTOMATIC comes standard with  fully insulated and water cooled C-Type Welding arms including a larger 635mm arm for deeper beaver panels and boot floors.

C-X Adaptor


TECNA’s optional water cooled C-X Gun Adaptor easily converts the C-Gun to an X-Gun that’s ideal for tight spaces such as radiator supports.

Cabinet and Storage


The cabinet is robust and compact. Inside, there is ample storage space for welding arms, tools and other accessories

Single Sided Welding


TECNA’s optional single sided welding leads have solid connection blocks that fit directly into the “SMART GUN’s” arm support housing and electrode.

USB Port


The USB port allows welding Data to be downloaded to USB for weld reports and the latest software to be installed.


OEMs invest a considerable amount of time and money evaluating and testing equipment for approval. When an OEM approves a welder it is confirming that the welder is capable of performing quality welds equivalent to those performed on the assembly line. OEMs take into consideration not only welding performance, but also availability and after sales technical support. TECNA is the only spot welder brand that manufactures welders for the assembly line as well as for the collision repair shop. TECNA is in a unique position to transfer the technology developed for and on the assembly line to the collision repair environment.

The TECNA 14000 Automatic is one of the most OEM approved spot welders on the market, with more ongoing. In fact, large car manufacturers use the TECNA 14000 Automatic as an end of assembly line spot welder. See below:

Manufacturer Approvals: BMW, Dodge, Fiat, Mahindra, Smart, Suzuki, Porsche, Infinity, GM, Toyota, Chrysler, Maybach, Mitsubishi, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Mini, Subaru, Bentley, Audi, Hyundai, Tesla, Volvo, Volkswagen, Citroen, Peugeot, Lexus, Lincoln, Ford, Nissan, Peugeot, Jeep, RAM, Sprinter.

End of line manufacturers: Audi Germany and China, VW China, Ford Germany, Peugeot France, Fiat Italy, Iveco Italy.

Machine Versions: Standard, GM, BMW / Rolls Royce / Mini, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen (VAS6530A).